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Thread: [TV series] Getbackers

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    Talking [TV series] Getbackers

    Title: Getbackers
    Type: Anime
    Total # of Episodes: 49
    Year Published: 2002
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Shounen/Supernatural/Comedy

    Plot synopsis
    Mido Ban and Amano Ginji are apart of the retrieval group called "GetBackers". They claimed to have 100% rate of success in retrieving anything! However, it's not very convincing when they are standing in the street, looking half starve to death, holding up signs... -_-
    These two get into all kinds of trouble and near death situations trying to retrieve the object that their employees asked for. Lucky, Ban and Ginji is not ordinary people; each equip with butt kidding power(s). Ban has two powers, the "Snake Bite" which has the grip power of 200kg, and the "Evil Eyes" which can create illusions on someone that lasted 1 minute. Ginji has the power of lighting; basically, he can create lighting from his body.
    Even with all these dangerous jobs and awesome powers, these two still manage to nearly stave to death and end up sleeping in the streets due to their lack of luck with money!

    Story (10/10): I really, really love the storyline of this anime! It was seriously never dull! I think it's pretty original since I've never seem anything like it yet... This story really have you guessing since you can't really tell what's going to happen next! It's also managed to keep the story funny in some of the most serious moments!

    Characters (9/10): I love this anime's character! Expectually Ginji! He has, in my opinion, a very unique kind of personally, he's can lighten up the mood in any situations! What's not to like? Also, the characters in this story all have very different personalities so you never get mix on which character it which. All the characters are so different from each other. Not to mention they can all be funny in a way (YES I LOVE HUMMOR!!! )

    Art (8.5/10): I think the Art was pretty good too. The girls are cute, the guys can be hot... yeah.... I think the background was awesome though! It really gives me the feeling of what the place is like. And the fighting scenes were great! can really see the action going on, and the effects and stuff.

    Voice acting, Music (9.5/10): I think the voice was done very nicely! Expectually Ginji's, his voice brings out his child-like personality very well. The Opening and Ending theme songs are very catchy and I enjoy listen to them over and over again! My favorite is Mr. Dejabu. It has a very since melody

    Overall (9/10): The story is very interesting and funny. I'll definally recommend others to watch it themselves. I think it's one of the best anime that's ever made and be seemed by my unworthy eyes! It has great characters and catchy songs. You should definally give it a go! In fact, the next time you go to an anime store and see it on the self, lying there. Empty out your pockets and BUY IT!!!!!! It'll be worth the money and your time (my opinion)!!!!!!
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