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Thread: Neon Raver From The Virtual Metropolis

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    Default Neon Raver From The Virtual Metropolis

    Hello everyone! A good friend invited me here to hang out in my spare time, looks like someones doing a great job at structuring the place! Well I'm Natsuho, and I'm an 18 yo girl who likes having fun, a few of my quirks are...I love technology,dance,techno/wave and industrial music and dancing,Raves.
    Hope to meet my friend that invited me here sometime, also hope to make some cool friends as well.Would have been on a day earlier but....dumb me forgot that I hadn't been on my yahoo id in forever and they shut down my email account.Sooo when I signed up here the email conformation went into oblivion and had to get manually activated, oh well.
    Well time to meet all the cool ppl on here, I love the way the avi's look on here it gives a sort of personality to each user.
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