Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some pictures of martial arts of South Asia (India). Here are some websites that show few other forms of martial arts still surviving in this South Asian (India) country . The reason I said "still surviving" is because when the British ruled India, they very much suppressed the martial art forms and swordfighting techniques.

One form of staff fighting: This website has several videos that show some very basic techniques. When I said basic, I really mean extremwly basic. Please note, this form is not the same as Swarga Chakra staff fighting form. Check out especially the video on "Predefined sequences" .


Picture: shows the third stance in swarga chakra staff fighting techniques. When I learned staff fighting, I used to use the second stance .


Another form of martial art practiced in Madurai, it is place where I come from. It is well known because there lots of really ancient shrines and temples, which attract lot of visitors.

This picture shows some young Indian girls fighting with swords, they look so cute. Look at the outfits, Indian female warriors usually wear those type of clothings, don't they look cool? I have to say, the girls look very cute and beautiful in Madurai.


It is very sad because this form has be prohibited by the British. But the warriors, swordsmen, and kings used this form to protect themselves and the people around from the British. Want to know more, please let me know?

More pictures of small Indian kids practicing martial arts:

1) http://jagoi.tripod.com/images/tulsidas3.JPG

2) http://jagoi.tripod.com/images/tulsidas1.JPG

Here are some pictures of Kalari (not that this is not the Swarga Chakra (heavenly wheel) martial arts) martial arts, this is called as the mother of martial arts. Check it out:

1) http://www.kalarippayat.com/images/bigkalari2.gif

2) http://www.kalarippayat.com/images/kalari41.gif

3) http://www.kalarippayat.com/images/kalari45.gif

4) http://www.kalarippayat.com/images/kalaribig23.gif

5) http://www.kalarippayat.com/images/bgkalari3.gif

This pic shows the second most famous gurukul (similar to a dojo, literally means house of divine arts) in Madurai:

6) http://kannur.nic.in/paras2.htm

7) http://www.oorjaa.com/Kalari/kalari-payatt-5.jpg

http://healing-arts.ws/images/kalari3.jpg . This pic shows one of the stance of Swarga Chakra in staff fighting.

Please let me know what you think and if you have some pictures to share of the martial arts you learnt, post them here. Any questions, let me know. Can't wait to hear from you guys .