Well, its a new game and i think it deserves a bit of attention. (warning: a bit of my own review)

As you can see, its a game for alien-lovers. (i happen to be one myself)

The whole story, from what ive gathered, is that the aliens' DNA are becomeing mutated with each clone they have (there's clones....you play as Cryptosporinium number 136) and there are Furon (the aliens) DNA in the brainstem of every human. Your job is to destroy the planet and harvest DNA.

The whole thing is pretty funny. You can read the minds of random humans, use an anal probe (im not going into detail about THAT interesting detail ._.) and zoom around on a flying saucer. and....it has the voice of Zim!!! (invader zim is a pretty popular show. but this is the game board, dont talk about that now -punches self-)

the graphics are pretty decent for this type of game. Crypto has several weapons that have different effects. You zap someone with the zap-o-matic (how original) and they scream as thousands of volts of electricity go through their body. The desentegrater (i know...i cant spell it..>.<) turns the victims to dust- but it doesnt allow you to harvest the DNA from the non-exsistant corpse so it'd be good if you didnt use it a lot. Not only do you have cool weapons, you have a big cranium!! and you know what that means? Yes, kiddos, it means that you can pick up anything at you come across and bounce it all over the place (cant really bounce cars.....weenie-man cant pick them up very well -__-)

I admit, i have only gotten a fourth of the way through with it, but id say THIS GAME ROX.
post your thoughts if you have/havent played it yet. =3