Ever go to register a new account to find that the account you want has already been registered? Then did you find out that the account has never been used or hasn't been used for YEARS? Well now you have the chance to get that account!

If you are a member is good standing here, you can request an old account to become yours! Just make your request here, and I will look into it.

If you have an old and desireable account, do not worry about me just simply giving it away. I'll first verify that it isn't an account currently in active use. An account that doesn't post but has a gallery at www.animegalleries.net IS an active account.

Please understand that it may take up to a week to verify that an account is or is not currently in use.

A Few Rules and Policies
Your account MUST be in good standing. Habitual rule breaking, blatent rudeness, when the general notion of you is "Grrrr" when your name is brought up to staff, etc will result in the denial of your request.

Your account must be at least six months old.

Annoying me because you don't think I'm doing a fast enough job will result in the immediate denial of your request.

This is first-come first-serve.

Members who are highly respected in the community will be able to obtain the post count of the name they take while the rest will not.

Do not private message me with requests. That is why this post is here so that you may make your request here.

These policies may be changed at any point without prior warning.

I reserve the right to decline any request for any other reason not listed here.