How do you explain anime to your co-workers or boss (or teachers, parents: for the younger ones on the site--or unemployed) ?

Why am I asking this? Well, I just had to waste 25 minutes explaining cosplay, then anime conventions, and basically anime in general to my boss. *smacks self* why didn't I just lie about why I wanted friday day off, baka me, I suppose. here is a bit of the convo...didn't go so well.

Boss: what's cosplay?
Me: It's "costume play" I'm dressing up like an anime character
Boss: *stupid look* huh? anime?
Me: *sigh* it's Japanese cartoons *wants to explain more but wants boss to go away more*
Boss: huh? you're into that?
Me: didn't you notice the drawings that I have on the posts in all over my desk.
Boss: OH! those...I thought you were just weird
Me: thanks *walks around grumbling*