The first time I watched Full Metal Alchemist on Adult Swim I though it was kinda boring. But I recently started rewatching it, and I think it's great now. So, I went on the old internet to see if I missed something about the Humonculi, and I discovered the true identiy on all seven of them on another forum (Adult Swim has just showed 3 so far). Like why Envy looks mysteriously like Scar's brother's girlfriend. I was so mad. I didn't even try to read it, but it was just sitting there. I'm not gonna talk about or watch FMA for about a week to see if I'll forget what I've learned. The only time I want spoilers is when a show is very long and gettin' boring (InuYasha), or if I missed a couple of eps (like with FMA). I really hope I can forget, but It's been a couple of months and I still can't forget about what happens to Naraku in InuYasha. Anywho, has anyone else gotten spoilers that they really didn't ask for?