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Thread: ~Phantasy Star Online Thread~

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    Default ~Phantasy Star Online Thread~

    Ah yes, for all you Phantasy Star Online fans, come one, come all and join this thread and talk about anything Phantasy Star Online here, whether it be about the Ep. I & II version of PSO, or be it the C.A.R.D. Revolution version of PSO. Bring all your Phantasy Star Online information here and share with everyone your characters' stats and what not.

    This was my first game for the GameCube and I have to say that I've enjoyed it for quite a while, but now that I'm in college, I rarely have time to play this game.. Though, from time to time, I find some time to level up here and there.. I've always wanted to experience playing it ONLINE, which is of course the point that the game was made, to play online [of course, you can also play offline, but it wouldn't be as exciting]. Anyways, in here, talk all PSO, anytime, anyday. Feel free to PM me about any questions on Phantasy Star Online..

    Ah yes, one more thing, for those people that know PSO as much as me, I hope you all are looking forward to Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst.

    "Can Still See The Light" is a really nice song from the game, as well as the Ending Theme to Episode II, I can't seem to remember what it was though. Aah, yeah.. Have any of you heard of the Piano Version of "Can Still See The Light", it's a really nice song. If you need the song or want it, let me know through E-MaiL or PM.
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