I like this OVA so I'm only giving good grades. In fact, it's my third favorite anime...
Anime: Dead Leaves
Running time: It's a one episode OVA. 50 minutes long
Suggested 17+ (American censorship). Contains graphic violence, brief nudity and mature content. PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED.

This OVA is made by the people who made FLCL (Furi Kuri). You recognize the style, both in drawings and settings.

www.dead-leaves.com (with flash intro)

Story: (10/10)
Pandy and Retro found themselves naked and in a desolated field. They didn't know who they were and why they were there. They gave free
reign to their desire, and rob citizens of foods and weapons. Soon,
they were run after the Police. After a violent car chase with the
Police, they were finally arrested and transferred to the prison,
"Dead Leaves". There, it was a costume that the guards kill the
prisoners to kill time.
Dead Leaves is a horrible prison where no one could escape from.

Characters: (10/10)
Pandy is a woman. She has a purple spot around her right eye. She doesn't remember how she got this, but that story shows itself throughout the story. She got her nickname Pandy cause the spot made her look somewha of a pandabear.
Retro is a man with a retro TV for a head, hence the name retro.
All the characters are well drawn and often funny.
Very nice use of colours.

Animation: (10/10)
Perfect and colourful, it's that simple.

Plot: (10/10)
Hard to explain, see the OVA n_n

Audio: (10/10)
Great quality and nifty tunes.
Made by Yoshihiro Ike

Overall: (10/10)
This is not for dislectic people, cause it's many flashy colours and alot happening at the same time. You have to be a fast reader to catch up with the subtitles.
If you have the same taste as me, you will enjoy this OVA. If you don't think FLCL is genious, you probarbly wont think this is either.