Source.[adult swim]
Type.western/super natural
Plot Synopsis:In a distant future there is a land of nothing but a waste land that a famous person.Named vash has 6 billion double dollars on his head he travels the land.Even though he is good he seems to have nothing but trouble follow him everywhere he goes.

Story.9/10:It is a decent story that i really enjoyed for how kinda strange it was but made sense.Also how good of a job they did on doing a future kinda of western show.The story was very well written and it gets a 9 .

Characters.9.5/10:The show has very good characters like the main character vash is a very good character. And like the character nicholas d. wolfwood who is also a very well done character.All of the characters are very good and are all pretty cool.Trigun has great characters and it really deserves a 9.5.

Animation.8.5/10:It is good animation but it kinda looks old sometimes i think they meant to do that.The animation was also very good at times like when vash uses angel arm.It looks very good and the towns in the show have that old west look.So i give it a good score of a 8.5 for being very good and it went with the show.

Audio.8/10:The music was not very impressive but there was one song they played every few episodes.It is a very very good song and i enjoyed it quite alot.The voice acting is good and it all sounds great with the characters and there personality's.

Overall.9.5/10:It is a very well done anime that i was very impressed with and i think it deserves a great rating. So i give it a 9.5 for it's good action ,funny moments and for vash.He is a very cool character and they did a great job on him.I advice watching trigun for all of those and even more good things about this show.