Name.Gundam wing
Type.Tv series

Plot Synopsis:
Gundam wing is in the future where 5 youngsters get mobile suits. Known as gundams these suits are very powerful. And many events happen with these 5 youngsters. Attached with polutics , war and even many dramatic events . These 5 youngsters will face all odds in this time..And year of after colony 1,9,5.

Story.10/10:The story is very wonderful and it get's Very deep and very well written and there is so much too it.The story was great in how it was like if the whole thing was actully real.How they involved polutics with alot of action i will never know and just how good of a story it was.It was a absolutely excellent story and it deserves a 10 more then most anime's.

Characters.10/10:The characters were all very excellent and all had bveryy god stories and seperate life's.The gundam pilot's were exspecially very good just of how well thought they were.The characters just went perfect with the show and they were all cool and they all were such good characrers.It has to get a 10 and if it did not get a 10 i would fell wrong.

Audio.9.5/10:It was not very impressive in the music department but it had a very good end song.But i gave it such a good rating because of the voice acting that was very good and the voices went perfect with the characters.It get's a 9.5 for how good the voices were and decent enough music.

Animation.9.5/10:The animation looked very good and it was great animation with the show.How it looked at how the coloors and picture were so good and were nothing but pretty much perfect.I give it a 9.5 for being very good animation all around.

Overall10/10:Let's see the anime has great action,characters,plot,voices and very cool looking mobile suits.How can i not give gundam wing a 10 it was one of my all time faviorte anime's.It deserves a perfect 10 for all how good it was and even though it had a good episode count.I really wished it would have been longer because it stayed so perfect the entire time through the series.I was really impressed with gundam wing and i advice your really should watch it.