Favorite Anime: Ghost in the shell

Disliked Anime: im gonna be an angel and final fantacy unlimited

Favorite anime boy:Eiri Yuki or Hiro ?

Favorite anime girl: Major Motoko Kusanagi

Favorite anime song:either the ghost in the shell opening or wolfs rain opening

Favorite weapon: tenseiga

Anime name you like to go by: well for some reason people call me riurichi 0.o i dont really like it though

Character you feel sympathy for:Ichise

Character that acts like you: well if you put osaka and tomo together id say it was a pretty go equal

Character that looks like you: i don't think thers one out there

Character that would make a good brother: ed for FMA

Character that would make a good sister: Fanta (faries landing)

Character that would make a good father: sesshomarou

Character that would make a good mother:kagomes mom

If you could be a anime chara who would it be?either subaru or major (ghost in the shell)

Character you wish to kill: inuyasha

Which language would you speak in: either celtic russian or japaness

Where would you live:ireland japan or a dessarted island

Favorite Mini Chi character: Sonia from magical prince

Favorite anime toy character:sesshomarou or Jack

Sum up one personalility word for yourself: random

Favorite evil anime character:sesshomarou or sonia

Collect Anime posters(y/n):y

Collect anime CD's(y/n):y

Collect anime toys(y/n): n