GALAXY ANGEL [All Three Series] ==> presented to you by Broccoli.TV only, Galaxy Angel A-24 eps, Galaxy Angel AA-24 eps, Galaxy Angel AAA-24 eps, for total 72 pisodes.

Genre: Science-Fiction with lots Comedy.
Mainly a comedy anime, with some add-on spacejack of future science, like space fighters, battleships, stations, planets, destructions, etc.

Plot Synopsis
: The stories of Galaxy Angel.
The anime takes place not in the history of Earth, and there is no Earth. It builds its own universe of lots planets, stars, and dimensions.

The story begins with a group of a very ultimately overpowered band, the Galaxy Angel, in which happen of 4 members at first. Then with a great reputation as a defender of the galaxy, they got two new members. One is happened when two Angels happen in a casino, on their free time, having a good time collecting money, but then with a cheated person with cheated machine, good time changed to bad time, later they have debt on him. And the new member saves them from debt, but with the outcome, the casino was destroyed because of an alien attack. Then all five members of the Galaxy Angel returned from their free time to conduct search missions, the search of the Lost Technology.
The Lost Technology itself is rather a normal things, but having a very special power that could change everything in matters, size, or anything else to other else. This technology based from their functions and looks, ranging from a tatami, rice cooker, mirror, or something else, but if used carelessly, it would bring destructions to the entire world, or even entire universe.

Later on, they have new member, in which she is the specialist in military and sniping abilities. Each six Galaxy Angels have their own characteristics, ranging from a dumb person to a weapons maniac. They have a slightly different opinion about their missions, from which they can be proud of saving human lives, to a each payments of their missions. The five Galaxy Angels also wrestled of their own opinion about others, from believing their on mates with highest respect, to each person with applying force and something else.

Their mission is to search the remnants of the Lost Technology, in which spreaded in every sectors on their system. To do this, they have a fast yet a very deadly Galaxy Angel Frame, which in many cases it's called Angel Frame or some in Emblem Frame. Each Frames does not equipped similarly with others, as each Galaxy Angels that piloted it has different technique. These Frames were equipped based on their need, like fast speed, heavy platform, communication and special role, RRS [repair, refit, and support] and a balanced one.

Note: For the first episode, it looks like the animewere very fun as much of comedy, humors, and jkes were around and to the fullest. But later on, each episodes has their own stories. Like from the previous story, all five Galaxy Angels were turned into a monkeys, and in later episodes, they got themselves a full human body, it is like there is anything happened before. For the total of 72 episodes, each episodes does not have a connections with other stories. So, what happened in the previous stories, it would stay there, and the next stories will have its own stories.

Story 9/10: Very amusing and for entertainments.
The story looks linear at the beginning, but when you keep continue watching it, it will get nowhere to previous eps. it is kind of a random story, in which each characters has their own problems and beliefes. A lot of jokes will be amusing you for all eps, and will not end unless you stop watching it. Trusts me, it is a good anime.

Characters 10/10:
The characters of Galaxy Angels consisting mainly five main characters, but then in third season, they have new member. In my database, I have lots of informations, but it is unlikely I can post it here, so I try to review it to its fullest.
- Milfeulle Sakuraba: A very dumb person, but when it comes to anything that requires a logic thinking, she is the first to say it. Even she is a rather dumg person, but joined Galaxy Angel because of her 'luck'. She has a great luck within her, that would eventually trigger in anywhere she is in deep trouble. Her Frame is the most balanced from all six member, the Lucky Star, my favourite.
- Ranpha Franboise: A blonde girl in a red Chinese dress. She likes anything related in love and everythinga bout males. When it some to mission, she is the first trying to look for men, not tangling with her first-obvious mission. She is quiet fast, and also mastered everything about martial arts. because of this, she is happened to be the most frequently abused by her friends, and anything about yher weaknesses. Her Frame is the fastest of all Frames, the Kung-fu Fighter.
- Mint Blancmanche: A telepathic girl, in which she can read other minds. With this ability, she has become reluctant with others, but then she manage to face this with help from Milfeulle. She is a daughter of a Blancmanche family, the universe's largest wealth company, and she joined Galaxy Angel for one thing, search for friends., in which she might not have in the first place. She has a secret, and she would do anything to keep it secret, including assasinating her friends, if she found out about this. Her Frame is second most powerful, the Trick Master.
- Forte Stollen: A trigger-happy maniac, with belief of applying force to any situations, even situations that is simple. She can spawn either large and small weapons, just from behind her dress. These weapons, ranging from high-callibre cannons, anti-vehicle rockets, or bazooka to small-recoilless handguns. She likes weapons, and she usually suing innocent people to try it out. Her Frame is the most powerful, yet the slowest from all Frames, the Happy Trigger.
- Vanilla H.: A calm person, with a good emotion management at hand. She rarely express her emotions to her Angel friends, but she is very persistent about others. She also the one that always brings a Lost Tecnology-chip-inserted doll, mainly named Nomad or Normad. She likes helping everyone, but each helps doesn't get her to keep close to her friends. Her Frames is the suport Frame, and the only one that can support entire Frames and repair it, the Harvester. [I thougth it is a wrong name, but from data I can find, it is definitely harvester]
- Chitose Karasuma: She is the only person that have Japanese names around the third Galaxy Angel series, Galaxy Angel AAA. She really believes a true friendship, and she would anything to keep her and her 'friends' to be close. But, everything she does may have her getaway with other rea' 'friends'. Because of that process, she then become addicted to word, true friends, and later on she had friend with Milfeulle. Her Frame can do a silently assasination, as it is equipped with Long-range Energy Railgun and it is also as fast as Lucky Star, but as weak as Kung-fu Fighter, the Sharp Shooter.

Animation 10/10: Galaxy Angel were animated by Broccoli, in which has released a popular anime Di Gi Charat. In this anime too, we can find some Di Gi Charat anime, even though it is not a populary exposed. The animations itself were built into two mode, 2D and 3D. What I mean 2D here is their animations aon their characters, but on 3D, some of battles between Angel Frames and aliens were animated in 3D graphics. From what I see, this anime using technique almost similar to Gundam series, like Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny.

Voice acting 8/10: There are lots of jokes and syllables used in Galaxy Angels that it is very logic, but used for jokes. I like it very much, but it is pretty hard on English, as what it is known as 'Lost Technology' is based on English word. Much characters on this anime have different spelling on each Englis or other languages.

Musics are pretty good too. Both opening and ending are the same, even you already reach the middle of a series. The opening and ending theme, mixed with amusing animations, will always makes everyone laughing.

Overall 9/10: Not the best, but very recommended for those who likes watching cute girls. Much entertainments will really shakes your stomach and feeling. If you wanted some juicy Japanese jokes, then I really recommend you to watch this anime.

Best regards to every reader in the forums, checked regularly as it is may be edited to its fullest.

Reika Tsukishima