Type: 5 episode OVA
Number of episodes:
Genre: Romantic comedy

Plot synopsis
Morisato Keiichi is left to stay at his all male dorm to take messages for the other inhabitants. While they are away he attempts to order some delivery food and in his frustration calls Dial-a-Goddess. The beautiful, yet naive, Belldandy pops out of the mirror infront of him. She grants him one wish, and he wishes for her to stay with him forever. With his wish "granted" his Sempai comes home with the rest of the boarders from the dorm. The rule of "No Girls Allowed" gets both Keiichi and Belldandy kicked out onto the street. Now they must find some place to live, and even more trouble ensues when Belldandys sisters, Urd and Skuld, join the fray.

Story (9/10)
Very well written story. It follows a nice progression and gives a small intro in each episode about why the goddesses or characters have come to the story. They provide nice conflicts that Keiichi and Belldandy must overcome, while keeping a good humor to the whole story.

Characters (10/10)
The characters are VERY well developed. Each of them have strengths and shortcomings that are lovable. From the childish Skuld to the risque Urd, there is a great range of characters. Just about anyone can find at least one character to relate to and enjoy. They each have a unique characteristic that compliements with another character and conflicts with yet another. But of course Belldandy gets along with everyone ^^

Art/animation (9/10)
Very well done, I'm not an expert in animation. ;-; But I really feel that the drawings were life-like and beautiful. I really like the settings that are there, and how the characters are drawn to reflect their personalities

Voice acting, music (8/10)
The voice acting pairs very well with the mannerisms and personalities of the characters. They match up nicely.

Conclusion (9/10)
It is a short but well written series. It definatly leaves you wanting more, but the ending leaves you quite satisfied. You're happy with the way the series turns out, and the resolution is worth the tears and anxiety that Keiichi and Belldandy put you thru as you travel through their trials and tribulations with them. The characters are well likeable, even though they usualy cause most of the problems. Its a very heart warming story that you can watch again and again and enjoy it as much as you did the first time you watched it. I would most definatly recommend this series to anyone.

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