Attention any table top Role Player. I need help in finding resources to build or design an insane asylum for one of my up and comming BESM games.

Does anyone have any online resources, or book resources of maps, blue prints, floor plans etc for a victorian castle style mad house/ insane asylum?

Some splinded examples of the style I am looking for would be like the Danvers Asylum in Mass. Just google it.

Failing actual gaming referances that I can contort, use and abuse, does anyone have any friends or family in arcitecture or medical health care that would be willing to lend a hand in giving me advice to what rooms, style of medicine available, and any other valuable resource that I need to make this gaming experience both creepy and real.

Please write back quickly if you can help. Right now I'll take anything I can get my hands on. I prefer online resources as they typically are free.

Thank you