I went to go see The Amityvile horror, and i dont normaly watch scary movies, cause i figure i get REALLY scared and have nightmares. I went to see this on friday, cause i wanted to go to the movies with my friends. I was trying to not let them know i was scared to see the movie. I didnt know what i got myself into. Yet i watched it and only jumped twice. Its odd, cause i thought i wouldget really SCARED. My friends were terrified when they saw it yet i wasnt. Is it because i know its not true. I wasnt scared at all. The end i lauged, and my friends Glared at me. They thought it was scary when the little girl was floating without legs and was pulled under ground. I thought it was funny. did any one else see this. Does any one else feel the way i do. If so please tell me. Or tell me if you were scared. Its Just odd!