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Thread: Which Japanese Boy/Girl name best describe you?

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    Default Which Japanese Boy/Girl name best describe you?

    Girl's Names

    Which Japanese name best describes you?Most of you might find some names that are in anime shows of today and in the past,mostly in the past.^^

    Girls Names Only
    Name Meaning Origin Gender
    Ai love Japanese Girl

    Aiko beloved one, little love Japanese Girl

    Akako red Japanese Girl

    Akina spring flower Japanese Girl

    Akira anchor Scottish, Japanese Both

    Ami friend Japanese Girl

    Ayame Iris Japanese Girl

    Chika near Japanese Girl

    Cho butterfly Japanese Girl

    Dai great Japanese Girl

    Etsu delight Japanese Girl

    Fujita field Japanese Both

    Gin silver Japanese Girl

    Gina silvery Japanese Girl

    Hana flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful Japanese, Hebrew Girl

    Haya quick, light Japanese Girl

    Hisal ong-lasting Japanese Girl

    Hoshi star Japanese Both

    Iva God's great gift, yew tree Hebrew, Japanese Girl

    Kaede maple leaf Japanese Girl

    Kaiyaf orgiveness Japanese Girl

    Kameko tortoise-child, symbol for long-life Japanese Girl

    Kanetribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautiful Gaelic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Welsh Both

    Kei rapture, reverence Japanese Girl

    Keiko adored one Japanese Girl

    Kichi fortunate Japanese Girl

    Kita north Japanese Girl

    Kohana little flower Japanese Girl

    Kyoko mirror Japanese Girl

    Leiko arrogant Japanese Girl

    Machi ten thousand Japanese Girl

    Machiko child of Machi Japanese Girl

    Mai brightness; coyote Japanese, Native American Girl

    Maiko child of Mai Japanese Girl

    Makiko child of Maki Japanese Girl

    Mamiko child of Mami Japanese Girl

    Mariko child of Mari Japanese Girl

    Masako child of Masa Japanese Girl

    Mayako child of Maya Japanese Girl

    Mayoko child of Mayo Japanese Girl

    Mayuko child of Mayu Japanese Girl

    Michi righteous Japanese Girl

    Michiko child of Michi Japanese Girl

    Midori green Japanese Girl

    Mihoko child of Mihoko Japanese Girl

    Mika new moon Japanese, Finnish Girl

    Miki beautiful tree Japanese Girl

    Minako child of Mina Japanese Girl

    Minea resolute protector Japanese Girl

    Misako child of Misa Japanese Girl

    Mitsuko child of Mitsu Japanese Girl

    Miyoko beautiful generations child Japanese Girl

    Momoko child of Momo Japanese Girl

    Mutsuko child of Mutsu Japanese Girl

    Nahoko child of Naho Japanese Girl

    Nami wave Japanese Girl

    Namiko child of Nami Japanese Girl

    Nanako child of Nana Japanese Girl

    Naoko child of Nao Japanese Girl

    Naomi pleasent one; above all, beauty Hebrew, Japanese Girl

    Natsuko child of Natsu Japanese Girl

    Nayoko child of Nayo Japanese Girl

    Nori doctrine Japanese Girl

    Noriko doctrine child Japanese Girl

    Nozomi hope Japanese Girl

    Rai trust Japanese Girl

    Rei gratitude Japanese Girl

    Reiko child of Rei, gratitude Japanese Girl

    Ren water lily Japanese Girl

    Rieko child of Rie Japanese Girl

    Rikako child of Rika Japanese Girl

    Rinako child of Rina Japanese Girl

    Rini little bunny Japanese Girl

    Risako child of Risa Japanese Girl

    Ritsuko child of Ritsu Japanese Girl

    Rumiko child of Rumi Japanese Girl

    Ryoko child of Ryo Japanese Girl

    Sachi bliss-child; wife of Indra Japanese, Hindu Girl

    Sachiko bliss, child of Sachi Japanese Girl

    Saeko child of Sae Japanese Girl

    Sakiko child of Saki Japanese Girl

    Sakuko child of Saku Japanese Girl

    Sakura cherry blossoms Japanese Girl

    Sakurako child of Sakura Japanese Girl

    Sanako child of Sana Japanese Girl

    Satoko child of Sato Japanese Girl

    Sayoko child of Sayo Japanese Girl

    Shika deer Japanese Girl

    Shina virtue, good Japanese Girl

    Shoko child of Sho Japanese Girl

    Sorano of the sky Japanese Girl

    Suki beloved Japanese Girl

    Suma to ask Egyptian, Japanese Girl

    Sumi clear, refined Japanese Girl

    Tadako child of Tada Japanese Girl

    Taka tall, honorable Japanese Girl

    Takako child of Taka Japanese Girl

    Takara treasure, precious object Japanese Girl

    Tamiko child of Tami Japanese Girl

    Tanaka dweller Japanese Girl

    Tani valley; sweetheart; youth; bull that charges randomly Japanese, Melanesian, Tonkinese, Andalusian Girl

    Tokiko child of Toki Japanese Girl

    Tomiko child of Tomi Japanese Girl

    Tori bird Japanese Girl

    Toyo plentiful Japanese Both

    Uma nation, mother, horse Hebrew, Hindu, Japanese Girl
    Umeko PatientJapaneseGirl

    Usagi moon Japanese Girl

    Yayoi March Japanese Girl

    Yei FlourishingJapaneseGirl

    Yoko positive Japanese Girl

    Yoshiko child of Yoshi Japanese Girl

    Yukako child of Yuka Japanese Girl

    Yukiko child of Yuki Japanese Girl

    Yumako child of Yuma Japanese Girl

    Yumi beauty Japanese Girl

    Yumiko child of Yumi Japanese Girl

    Yuri lily Japanese Girl

    Yuriko child of Yuri Japanese Girl

    Yutsuko child of Yutso Japanese Girl

    Boy's Names

    Boy Names Only
    Name Meaning Origin Gender
    Akira anchor Scottish, Japanese Both

    Botan peony Japanese Boy

    Fujita field Japanese Both

    Haru born in the spring Japanese Boy

    Hiroshi generous Japanese Boy

    Hoshi star Japanese Both

    Jiro second male Japanese Boy

    Kanaye jealous one Japanese Boy

    Kane tribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautiful Gaelic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Welsh Both
    Kazuma one reality,Japanese Boy

    Kin golden Japanese Boy

    Kisho one who knows his own mind Japanese Boy

    Kiyoshiquiet Japanese Boy

    Mamoru earth Japanese Boy

    Masakazu first son of Masa Japanese Boy

    Raidon thunder God Japanese Boy

    Ringo apple, peace be with you Japanese Boy

    Ronin Samurai without a master Japanese Boy

    Ryoichi first son of Ryo Japanese Boy

    Ryozo third son of Ryo Japanese Boy

    Ryuichi first son of Ryu Japanese Boy

    Seiichi first son of Sei Japanese Boy

    Senichi first son of Sen Japanese Boy

    Shigekazu first son of Shige Japanese Boy

    Shinichi first son of Shin Japanese Boy

    Shoichi first son of Sho Japanese Boy

    Shuichi first son of Shu Japanese Boy

    Shunichi first son of Shun Japanese Boy

    Takai Japanese Boy

    TakuJapanese Boy

    Taro first-born male Japanese Boy

    Tomo a twin Japanese Boy

    Toyo plentiful Japanese Both

    Yasashiku Gentle, PoliteJapaneseBoy

    Yasuo peaceful one Japanese Boy

    Yogi one of the yoga practice Japanese Boy

    Yoshi better, best Japanese Boy

    Yoshifumi Japanese Boy

    Yoshimitsu Japanese Boy

    Yoshiyuki Japanese Boy

    Yukio gets what he wants, God will nourish Japanese Boy

    Yutaka Japanese Boy

    Zen Religious Japanese Boy

    Zinan Second SonJapanese Boy
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