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Clamp Campus Detectives/ X1999

In 1999, the Clamp Student Council Meeting was beginning.

Nokoru-sama: What happen?!
Suoh-san: Somebody set up us the penguin!!!
Akira-kun: We get Akira-kun's cake!
Nokoru-sama: What?!
Suoh-san: Main super-Clamped up Viewing device turn on!

(Main super-Clamped up Viewing device turns on.)

Nokoru-sama: It's you!

Random Man with Fish: How are you gentlemen!!!
Random Man with Fish: All your lunch staff are belong to us!
Random Man with Fish: You are on the path to fishsticks!

Nokoru-sama: What you say?!!

Random Man with Fish: You have no chance to legislate!
Random Man with Fish: Make your time!
Random Man with Fish: Ha ha ha ha!!!

Akira-kun: Nokoru-sama!

Nokoru-sama: Take off, every sunglasses!!
Nokoru-sama: You know what you doing!
Nokoru-sama: Move sunglasses for great rescue of lunch ladies!


In 7099 AD, pinball was beginning.

Firako: What happen?!
Jahod: Somebody set up us the portable mushroom casserole!!!
Saiyah: We get blown to cheddar smitherines!
Firako: What?!
Jahod: Main hope of the nations turn on!

(Main hope of the nations turns on.)

Firako: It's you!

Firi: How are you gentlemen!!!
Firi: All your snowdays, holidays, and weekends are belong to us!
Firi: You are on the path to jeepers creepers!

Firako: What you say?!!

Firi: You have no chance to die a justifiably gruesome death. Try again later!
Firi: Make your time!
Firi: Ha ha ha ha!!!

Saiyah: Firako!

Firako: Take off, every weekday!!
Firako: You know what you doing!
Firako: Move weekday for great relaxation of nerves, vowels and bunnys!

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