Back in high school when I was taking my economics class, we basically studied the fundementals of living through the economic ways in our socitey and evey detailed culture around the globe, and how people always take up a challege.

Do we really know why gas prices sell so high? And why food hunger is not so important anymore? But yet the population of the world will be 10 times the amount it is today?

-In China, I know that there is a law saying that you can have only one child. And in some provinces, it must be a male/boy. If not, that child will be killed. And they do leave infants out dead in the streets. Luckily, Hong Kong deasn't do that.

-Gas prices are so high here in the U.S. and I know that they're even higher here in my state of California. (I was driving through Sunset Blvd down Los Angeles today when I saw the premium gases were $2.69. I almost hit another car by just being shocked when I saw that price. And my car runs on premium and nothing else.)

So what do you guys think?
Will we really run out of our natural resources?: (not in a long while)
Will world hunger come to a problem again?: (oh yeah, for sure on that)
And will earth get too over populated?: (you can count on it)

I know some of you young-ins might not take much consideration of it, but sooner or later when you're all out in the big world, you'll know what I'm talking about.