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Thread: Oni wall update and a ques

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    Default Oni wall update and a ques

    massive update time.
    i just gave the Konoko wall a sepia hue and 'cut and paste'-ed the font from the game.
    tell me what more does it needs.

    question) some time ago i saw, or believe that i saw, a dull coloured or greyish wallpaper of a guy holding a gun to his head. the letters on the bg read; "hope i don't screw this up"
    at that time i didn't think much of it but many days later the wall burned itself on my mind and i've been searching for it like crazy. but i don't know the name of the anime or even if i saw it here.
    if anyone can direct me to it, they get a free jar of pecan flavoured candies from me. thanks people.
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