Which villains do like the most and which ones do you hate. Tell me what show and what the villains name is.

Personally my fav. villain is Naraku from Inuyasha or Majin Buu (his fat form) from DBZ (even though he turned into a good guy). I like Naraku cause he has a cool voice and he's just so cool. I like Buu just cause hes freakin hilarious because when he was fat, he was supier strong but its like he didnt even realize it. His voice made me laugh over and over.

My least fav. villain is Professor Tomoe from Sailor Moon S. He is just so insane its annoying and hes just dumb. the only other annoying enemy was Garlic Jr. He was annoying and he had the most retarded attacks. I believe one was called "Belly Blast" you figure it out.