Obviously, Naruto is pretty bad. I don't see the point in watching a cliched show that's inferior to Dragonball and Hokuto No Ken in every single aspect....especially in terms of artwork. I guess many 'anime fans' think Hokuto No Ken is too dated... and if 'dated' means 'movie quality artwork and animation' then they're right. You just have to get past the nasty looking first several episodes.

One Piece is probably the ugliest looking anime I have ever seen... and it's made even worse by the hilarious editing on US TV. I saw a guy getting choked to death in one episode by Crocodile... the editing twats had digitally moved his hand over to the right so that he was 'choking' the guy by grabbing his shoulder. Amazing. When the guy collapsed to the floor, ir wasn't because he had just been strangled...oh no. they'd changed the script so that he was 'really thirsty.' Incredible! Lol.