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Thread: I LOVE GREEN DAY!! >_< !! (Sugar Cult, anyone?)

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    Exclamation I LOVE GREEN DAY!! >_< !! (Sugar Cult, anyone?)

    EEEE!! Green Day just rocks!! So does Linkin Park. And blink182. And sum41. And them other really cool bands. HEYY! Who here like Sugar Cult?!!

    Either way, I like guitar riffs that are really fast and somewhat hard-core. I don't think the clarinet counts as a hard-core instrument though!! =D I play guitarr... =D

    Anyway, Does anyone here like Sugar Cult?
    "Darkness is where the unknown linger...
    And where the known fight for survival."
    "I beg to dream and differ
    From the hollow lies."
    -Holiday, Green Day
    "Underneath every cherry tree,
    Lies a corpse.
    The tree feeds on the blood of that corpse.
    That is why its blossoms are
    Such a beautiful crimson shade."
    -Japanese folklore

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    Im New Here

    okay umm Sugar Cult ent bad, its okay but i like linkin park, and good C... thats all from rock music and sugar cult its.. lats say its okay. im A r&b,rap,hip hop, and some rock type a girl.
    ^_- )

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