This holiday season is ridiculous. In just one month, we have a huge number of big games released. Not to mention some yet to come, and a few that have already come out, such as GTA and Halo 2. Metal Gear Solid 3, Metroid Prime 2, Gran Turismo 4, Half Life 2, and the Nintendo DS all right next to each other..just to name a few. And this is just for one-two weeks in November! (Tekken 5 is also being released in arcades this coming week =D )

As cool as it is to see so many high quality games on the way, it's really more of an annoyance. Why can't game companies understand that sometimes it's good to avoid the competition. Come out later, or earlier. Why must everything drop at the same time? For Christmas? Come on, people can only get their kids a few games before the cost gets out of hand. I'm not rich. -_- It'll just force really good games to go missed or neglected because people will waste all their cash on the hyped titles, and not notice the smaller, underdog games that are worth the money. (Similar to what happened to games like Prince of Persia)

And I can already tell next year will be out of control, since it will include the showings of all three new consoles. >.>