The “T P” in T P Bon stands for Time Patrol, not toilet paper.

Anyway, here is an anime I am not too sure for who it is made for. The character design is not the typical manga style, but more of a newspaper comic strip character type of design. The stories are pretty simple. Each episode is a different adventure, in which our young heroes excel. So this series seems to be for younger viewers – except that there is violence, blood, and nudity. But I guess Japanese standards are different than ours.

Japanese schoolboy Bon accidentally learns of the Time Patrol, an organization from the future which goes back in time to save lives of people who will not change history. No, I am not going to say that again. At first, in order to preserve the secret, Bon is too be erased from history, but instead he is recruited as an apprentice. His mentor is a slightly older American girl named Ream, and they are joined on their adventures by Buyoyon, a yellow – something or other.

I think T P Bon is a remake of an anime from the 1980’s. I can say that this remake is mildly interesting at times. There are some good stories. But this is an anime with a limited audience. I would say young teens up to 15 would enjoy T P Bon. Maybe.