Itís actually a bit hard to categorize Akuma Kun. The main characters are basically comic characters, but the situations are often tragic. It is an interesting mix that kept my attention. Suffice to say that there is more to this series than first meets the eye.

Ichiro was a human orphan adopted by demons. He inherits the title of Akuma Kun from his father, who was the previous Akuma Kun. Partnered with Mephisto III, Ichiro runs the two-man Millenarianism Research Institute. Behind on their rent, they must take on clients who hire them to solve odd mysteries involving the supernatural. They are sometimes aided by a female demon named Gremory who has a thing for Ichigo. She wants to eat his heart.

The comedy comes from the relationship between Ichiro and Mephisto. Ichiro is cold and detached, despite his brilliance and his genius. Mephisto is his conscience, which Ichigo often ignores. Contrast this mismatched pair with dark situations in which they find themselves. As I said, it is an interesting mix.

The characters are designed like they are more for a childrenís show, which again is a contrast with the storylines. There is a bit of confusion over exactly who and what certain characters are. The ending is a bit of a shock, which could lead into a second season. Unfortunately the shock remains unresolved, at least for now.

Akuma Kun does seem to (lovingly) borrow from other anime series. As interesting as I found it, I do not rank it among my favorites, but it is worth a look.