OK, so what was I watching here? Bee and PuppyCat seems to be a remake of a remake by the original creators of a short animated film. It is not a Japanese anime. This series is American made, but it does have some Japanese anime story elements. There is a talking cat, which only Bee seems to understand. There are evil aliens with long black arms hunting our heroes. There are fantasy worlds filled with adventure. And there are also some pretty weird neighbors which our heroes donít realize are so weird because they are weird themselves. I mean, what normal person stores their food in their toilet?

From the artwork to the animation style, and from the methodical pacing to simple storylines, Bee and PuppyCat would seem to be a series for children. Only the humor seems geared for adults. So in trying to figure out what in the world I am watching, I came to the conclusion that Bee and PuppyCat is a spoof.

The premise of the series has Bee working in a cat cafť Ė until she is fired. On her way home, she discovers PuppyCat and takes him in as a pet. But jobless Bee is now broke, so PuppyCat introduces here to TempBot. TempBot is. . . . Well, sheís this thing. Her job is to send Bee and PuppyCat on special temp jobs where they can earn money. And if you think Beeís world is weird, just wait to you see where they are sent.

But who is PuppyCat? Who is Bee? To whom do those long black arms belong to? Who is Cardamonís mom, and why is she sleeping? All is revealed in the unexpected finale. Just donít plan on understanding any of it.

There is only one thing which I really did not like about the series, and that is the pastel color theme. Not that it doesnít work, but there were scenes which were hard to see on my computer screen.

If you like weird, or if you like surrealism, or you just like to see something intentionally messed up just because itís fun, then check out Bee and PuppyCat on Netflix Streaming.