Itís like nothing youíve ever seen before. Well, most likely it is. Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure combines computer animation with live action to give you a series for the whole family. The plot seems more made for kids, but like all really good childrenísí entertainment, it provides a bit of humor for adults. No, not adult humor. Rather a bit of social satire which kids may not get, but their parents will.

We open in a suchi restaurant. A raw egg falls to the floor, and out comes a yoke named Gudetama. Gudetama is not exactly ambitions or motivated to do anything but get eaten. But wait! Somehow a fertilized egg got mixed in the the shipment, and hatching out is a chick named Shakipiyo. Shakipiyo wants to find her Mommy, and brings an unwilling Gudetama along for the search. The journey is dangerous, but the duo do meet a range of characters from the Prime Minister, to a would-be TV producer, to a farming couple. They also meet various other eggs.

The animation is good where it needs to be good, and not so good where it serves the comedy. The live action characters are rather foolish, poking fun at the human race. In all, Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure is a fun series to watch, even if it is just ten short episodes.