Netflix Streaming now has the first five episodes of The Way of the Househusband, Season 2. I previously wrote about season one: Its a Dumb, but Fun series based on a one-joke premise. A former Yakuza boss quits the mob to marry a career woman. As she goes about earning a living, Tatsu is left to take care of the home.

And so we get the further adventures, and misadventures, of Tatsu as he applies his Yakuza ways and knowledge to the challenges of cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

The one-joke premise does work well in the first season. Each episode, which runs 15-20 minutes, has several short bits telling a different story. I doubt this premise would have worked if they tried to develop a single storyline to run the entire series. But by the second season, does this premise start to wear thin?

Yes, it does a bit. Weve been getting the same joke for every episode so far, and it is getting slightly stale. But I still found bits and pieces of The Way of the Househusband to be entertaining. A bit in episode 5 has Katsu helping a neighbor to get her young daughter to eat her vegetables. Seen through the eyes of Katsu, the child is a formable opponent. I found it funny.

I am sure more episodes are forthcoming. But for now, watching them would not be a priority for me. Still entertaining, I am beginning to see the strains of The Way of the Househusband. The strain of trying to be fresh and funny may be a bit too much for the series to handle.