Exception is a Japanese series made for Netflix Streaming, so the original dub is in English. This should make it a bit easier for English speaking audiences, since we don’t have to worry if the translation is accurate. But is the eight episode series still worth watching? The answer is yes.

Five space travelers are picked to man a terra-forming mission to establish a new home on a distant planet for the human race. But since it is too far for human travel, the work will be done by computer “printed” copies of the original human crew. But thanks to a solar flare, one of the crew members is printed as a mindless monster – or is he so mindless? Add to that a mystery over a traitor, and you have a pretty tense story.

The artwork and animation is a step above what we usually get from a series. The plot lines and story are well developed. The viewer will be questioning what he/she sees until the final piece of the puzzle is put in place.

I recommend Exception.