I certainly prefer to watch movies which have some sort of point to them. Drifting Home really has a hard time coming forth with a point. I guess you can make up your own. Or it is intended for a younger audience which really doesnít care either way. Nonetheless, Drifting Home is an entertaining movie thanks to good character development, and scenes which are quite suspenseful.

Six kids visit a rundown apartment building where they all once lived. Suddenly they are caught in a violent rain storm. When it is over, they find that the building is adrift at sea Ė with them on-board of course.

Most of the focus is on Kosuke and Natsume, two former best friends who have had a falling out. Besides Kosuke, Natsume, and their friends, there is also a mysterious boy named Noppo who may or may not be human, and may or may not know what is going on.

The various characters pull together, pull apart, and of course form bonds. It is a good human interest story, but again what is the point? Maybe it is that it is time to move on with oneís life. Maybe itís the value of friendship. Maybe both. Maybe something else. I guess you decide, but the filmmakers could have made it more clear.

There is some great animation here. The filmmakers take no short-cuts. The artwork is suburb. So Drifting Home is a treat for the eye of the anime fan.