Housing Complex C is a four episode mini-series which recently ran on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The good news for those who missed it is that it can be seen on Comcast Xfinity’s On Demand, if you go to the Adult Swim page.

The story takes place in a low income apartment building and centers around a young girl named Kimi. Everyone loves Kimi, the youngest resident in the complex. When a new family moves in, Kimi makes friends with their daughter Yuri, who is about a year or two older.

Then a group of foreign workers move in and everything starts to go to hell. Some of the residents do not trust the workers, and when piles of dead fish and other animals start appearing, there are enough suspicious glares to go around. It is Kimi who tries to get everyone to get along. She befriends one of the foreigners, a muscle bound man named Kan. She also tries to help one of the adult residents, Taka, in investigating the strange goings on.

But there are people with secrets. Deadly secrets and ancient secrets. The truth is known by one person, and we find out who and what that person knows in a bloody, violent, and surprise ending.

The animation is nothing to write home about. Much of it is done on the cheap. But the story works, and will keep you on the edge trying to outguess the narrative. I recommend that you track this one down and watch Housing Complex C.