A while back, I wrote of a series called Kakegurui. Taking place in an elite high school, the pecking order depended not on grades, athleticism, or family, but on your skill at gambling. Entering this school was transfer student, and gambling expert and addict, Yumeko Jabami. Her eyes glowed red whenever the game got hot, and she fed on any possibility of loss.

Now comes the prequel. Kakegurui Twin takes place at a slightly earlier time. The main character is Mary Saotome, a supporting character in the original Kakegurui series. Season one is only six episodes, and they detail Mary’s life as the new student seeking to disrupt the school for her own profit.

The only problem I have with Kakegurui Twin is that Mary is just not as interesting a character as Yumeko. Mary does fear defeat, while Yumeko relishes the possibility of any loss. Mary controls the situation every time she wins, while Yumeko controls the situation whether she wins or loses. Mary uses cold, calculating logic, so the viewer can pretty much guess where she is going and what will happen. Yumeko is quite insane and unpredictable.

That may be the only problem with Kakegurui Twin, but it is enough. Without an interesting character in the lead, the prequel is just a rehash of the original. I still recommend Kakegurui, but Kakegurui Twin is worth a miss.