Now on Netflix Streaming, itís time for more mindless action just for the sake of violence. And the storyline? Say hello to Spriggan.

ARCAM is an organization dedicated to protecting the world from ancient relics which could possess the power of mass destruction. They employ a group of highly trained combat specialists called spriggans. What really makes these spriggans formidable are their high tech Armored Muscle Suits. One of the top spriggans is 16-year-old Yu. Yup! Wouldnít you know? A teenager. Oh, during the course of the season, he turns 17.

Season one consists of six 45 minute episodes, which would come to one TV hour if you add commercials. All the episodes are self-contained storylines with different friends and opponents for Yu. For some reason, the main antagonist seems to usually be the US military. Whatís up with that?

All episodes pretty much follow the same format. Yu gets an assignment. Yu investigates. People get killed. Yu fights an opponent who seems to be stronger than Yu. Yu wins. Despite a few tense moments here and there, it is all very predictable. It seems as soon as the creators of this anime come up with a new stage on which to play out the conflict, all creative energy ends.

Now the fight sequences are well done, so if you donít like a story or plot getting in the way of the action, this anime is for you. But if you are bored with the superficial, you wonít find Spriggan as being too interesting.

The post credit sequence of the final episode sets up a possible season two. If there is a season two of Spriggan, I hope they provide us with a bit more effort on the script.