Four years ago, I reviewed the action comedy/adventure Tiger and Bunny: It took a long time before a second season was made, but now we have Tiger and Bunny 2. It seems there was a movie or two in between, which will probably resolve a few inconsistencies I noticed. Iíll have to catch them sometime. But for now, letís just talk about the belated season 2.

To review, there are people called the Next who are born with super powers. Some become heroes, who compete on live television with corporate sponsorship.

Now, given the success of Flying Tigerís partnership with Barnaby, it has been decided to have all heroes team up two by two. Most of the series is about the various characters learning teamwork and overcoming their mental and emotional limitations as they develop their relationships. This is especially true of the new rookies on the team.

Meanwhile, someone is going around the country beating up heroes. Oddly, our heroes donít seem too concerned until they become targeted. That is the one weakness of this second season.

The basic storyline is weak, however I still enjoyed season two. The interaction between characters is well done, and provided the entertainment. The finale is exciting. Tiger and Bunny 2 does not live up to the original series, but I can still recommend it.