What’s it all about, Eve? Apparently, it is not the story so much as the eye candy which Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation provides us. And “A Live” is not a misprint.

From what I could find, this is an experimental project produced for Netflix by Eve, a Japanese (male) singer and musician who performs in this short film. The story, such as it is, deals with Aki and Taki, two best friends. When Taki mysteriously disappears, Aki wanders through the hour long show searching. The search is interrupted by Eve’s music videos and some psychedelic animation. The main storyline is live action.

Adam by Eve
could have used a more complete story. It is only at the end when you realize what you really have been watching, does the plot become interesting. But the eye candy the audience is fed is satisfying enough. Adam by Eve may get my recommendation, but not the highest recommendation.