Japanese anime continues to show its influence the world over. From Spain, we have an animated series which is just spilling over with the Japanese anime influence. That series is The Inhun Chronicles.

The series consists of two seasons, but only five episodes each. Yet the story is fully developed with strong characterizations, a solid plot, and not a single wasted moment. One might expect there to be many a hole in the narrative given how limited is their time to tell the story. Not so.

Jack comes home to find his parents murdered, and he pursued by a murderous magician and a mysterious warrior. Somehow he escapes to another dimension where he meets the Resistance, fighting to free their home of Inhun from a powerful magician dictator. There is Alsan, a prince who is the heir to the Inhun throne, Shail, a magician, and 13-year-old Victoria, a bit of a magician herself. Jack joins their battle and becomes a skilled warrior. But all are pursued by the warrior Kirtash, who has powers of his own.

The second season, which takes place two years after the first, presents us with a rather inconvenient love triangle. Mums the word on who is with whom. You have to watch the series to find out.

The Inhun Chronicles is a good fantasy, action adventure. The fight scenes could have been easily overdone, but less is a bit more, and a little less does make those scenes work. Unfortunately, there will be no season 3. Season 2 does leave much up in the air, but it still satisfies. The Inhun Chronicles can be seen on Netflix Streaming.