Quite honestly, some of the details seemed to get lost in the translation. But the basic storyline of Child of Kamiari Month is simple enough. This is a family anime, one which adults can enjoy, somewhat, along with their children. I say somewhat because the basic plot is rather simplistic.

Kanna is a schoolgirl trying to cope with the unexpected death of her mother, whom she learns is an Idatan, or a god of running, if there really is such a thing, or at least from of a line of gods, or a human god. I said details get lost in the translation. Maybe I should have watched the English dub rather than Japanese with subs. But I did want to get the original actorsí emotional take on their roles.

So the gods are having their yearly gathering, and those who canít make it send food offerings. With her mom in the afterlife, Kanna must take up the responsibility of delivering the items. There are challenges along the way, but this young Idatan is aided by a spirit inhabiting the body of a pet rabbit and by a demon boy named Yasha.

There are plenty of bittersweet moments, a few laughs, and lessons to be learned. First time director Takana Shirai tells the story well.

The artwork and animation are done well, though some scenes are much better than others. There are some nature shots for which the artwork is impressive.

So sit the family down for the evening. Child of Kamiari Month is not a bad way to spend it.