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Thread: DANCE! Ojamajo

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    Default DANCE! Ojamajo

    Well here is a suggestion more than a correction.

    For this song, around the end there are the lines 'fa sol la si dore yo' which contains a pun and a call to the names of both the main character and of the series. In some countries, the name of the music are do ré mi fa sol la and si and the next octave begins by another do. So the name Doremi corresponds to the first three notes and fa sol la si do of the last 5 of the octave. And in the above line, the 'do' of the 'dore' is a pun because it belongs both to the fa sol la si do enumeration of the notes and of the Japanese word 'dore'.

    What I suggest is a notice in footnote to explain how interesting is that reference.

    Well I also have spotted something. There is a quite long musical break after '[Hana-chan] Dokka-n!!'. Just after the break and just before 'Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!', it is possible to hear a spoken 'Let's go' not sung. Should it be added ? Well, I am no sure about the 'let's go', however, there is something like that.
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