I have seen all films directed by Hayao Miyazaki, except for Kikiís Delivery Service. I thought it was finally time to finally getting around to watching it. I really should have watched this classic earlier.

Kikiís Delivery Service is a whimsical tale of a young witch who, like all young witches, must leave home at the age of 13 to spend a year of independent living elsewhere. Ending up in a coastal town, Kiki is befriended by Osono, a bakery owner, who gives her a place to live. This is a coming of age story, in which Kiki learns about self-confidence, responsibility, and what it is like to have a boyfriend.

The painstaking effort to produce the artistry is evident. The detailed artwork shows the dedication of the Studio Ghibli team. The sweat put into the effort pays off.

I would advise watching the original Japanese dub with subtitles, as after Disney purchased the US distribution rights, they varied from the original script for the English dub. Of course this may cause a problem if you are watching with your kids and they canít read yet.

Kikiís Delivery Service is a movie the whole family can watch together. I suggest giving it a looksee, if you have not already.