Below you will find my review of Kurokoís Basketball. It is one of the best sports anime I have seen. Well now we have the follow-up movie.

Kurokoís Basketball: Final Game has a synopsis which is simple enough. Jabberwocky, a street team from the USA, travels across the ocean to take on Japanís best street team. Needless to say, itís not much of a contest. Jabberwocky wins easily, and its players proceed to insult their host countryís brand of basketball. It is up to The Generation of Miracles to take revenge and save face. But they will need their phantom sixth man Kuroko, as well as other former foes including Kurokoís teammate Kogami.

And so here comes the big game, which takes up the majority of the movie. There is excitement, though if you have seen the series you know the outcome. There really isnít much to see in this movie follow-up that you would have not seen in the series. Though overall, itís an entertaining film, it is a bit of a letdown in that it does not add anything to Kurokoís story. He actually doesnít even play a big part in the film.

There is a bittersweet ending which pretty much makes another season of the series unlikely. There is also a post-credit sequence.

I was hoping for more, but what Kurokoís Basketball: Final Game has is good enough for me to give a thumbs up. But before watching the movie, see the series.