Why is it whenever I look at Shaman King I think of Shawarma King? Probably because I am looking for a bit of humor which Shaman King tries to deliver but fails. Or I am hungry.

Thirteen-year-old Menta takes a shortcut through a cemetery one night where he meets another 13-year-old named Yoh. Yoh can see ghosts because Yoh is a shaman. He partners with a 600-year-old samurai ghost named Amidamaru to do battle. His 13-year-old fiancé, Anna, stops by to train him so he can compete for the title of Shaman King. To do so, Yoh must fight his way though many powerful shamen, including the 13-year-old villain Ren.

That’s an awful lot of 13-year-olds, which should be your first warning. Shaman King seems to be intended for kids, or at least young teens. Maybe that is why the writers and producers felt they could get away with one-dimensional characters who try to act funny, but produce yawns.

There is really nothing this anime tries which has not been done before and done better. This includes the ridiculous fight scenes where Yoh often gets beaten to a pulp, but then quickly recovers to win the fight his way. Familiar?

Maybe if you are a pre-teen you can watch Shaman King and find some excitement in it. Me? I’m going on to the next anime series. I should add that I only made it through the first six episodes, but there is no sign of anything getting better.