Alien Nine is one of those anime which raises questions in the mind of the viewer. The questions raised in my mine were, “Why is it titled Alien Nine? Nine what?” And also, “Why am I watching this crap?”

Sixth grade student Yuri is elected by her class to be an alien fighter. She joins a group which includes two other girls in hunting aliens which land at their school. Why are the aliens landing at this school? Why are the authorities leaving it to a trio of schoolgirls to tackle the threat? Who knows? All we know for sure is that Yuri does not want to be an alien fighter, so she spends the majority of each episode crying her eyes out. Does this get old fast? You bet it does. But I figured since this OVA is only four episodes long, I might as well watch the whole thing.

So three girls are fighting aliens with other aliens known as borg sitting on their heads for protection. It’s all pretty dull stuff, until we get to episode 4. The final episode is dark and somewhat dramatic, although it is spoiled by Yuri’s excessive crying. In the end, she is still useless as we reach a climax which lacks any reason.

However, the big question is for what audience did they make this anime. For the most part, it is kid stuff. The three alien fighters probably are meant to appeal to grade school girls. But we get quite a bit of alien guts blown around, not to mention nudity in the final episode. Then there are at least two incidents of the “s-word” being used in the English dub. I realize that the standards for children’s entertainment are somewhat different in Japan, but was this really meant for kids?

So you are forewarned. Alien Nine is an anime to be ignored at all cost.