Lugoshi and Haru are not only from different worlds, they are different species. Can a wolf and a dwarf rabbit find happiness together? Season 2 of Beastars has trouble answering that question as there are a few problems which get in the way. For example, Lugoshi discovers that the big friendly bear Riz may be sort of a psycho. Lugoshi also must figure out who and what he is – a peace loving wolf, or a carnivore who must answer his true calling and craving for flesh. Then there is the little matter of a certain character from season 1 reappearing as a mob boss.

Lugoshi wants to protect all that is dear to him, which includes Haru. He just isn’t ready to go down that dark path where his desire for strength leads him. The struggle to stay true to himself creates a mental strain, but that seems not unusual for most characters in this anime.

I liked the artwork and animation. I liked where the story was leading. Even tossing in a little psychological babble doesn’t take away from the drama and suspense.

There is a season 3 planned. I recommend watching both seasons 1 and 2 of Beastars while waiting for that release.