Season 1 of Kuruko’s Basketball had our heroes suffer some major setbacks towards the end. But failure has its lessons, and Kuruko and Kagami figure out that they have to grow stronger and take their game up a level. Season 2 is the result.

We get some backstories in season 2, including some old friendships and rivalries. We get into the heads of various players and their relationship to the game. And there are more than a fair share of villains who never heard the word “sportsmanship.”

The games are exciting and, after season 1, victory is not assured. The boys of Serin High must overcome steep obstacles just to be competitive.

As strong as the stories are, there are a few drawbacks to the second season. First, some of the plays and growth in abilities push the levels of credibility. Second, there is an overuse of stills, which were not that prevalent in season one.

Still the game animation is great, and the action kept my interest. Kuruko’s Basketball will draw you in. I am ready for season 3.