Be brave. This might hurt a little, but not as much as it hurt me to watch Sister Princess.

So here is the premise. Fifteen-year-old Wataru totally screws up his final exams and as a result is rejected by every high school he applied to. Somehow he got accepted into a school he didnít even apply for, located on a place called Paradise Island. Force against his will, Wataru shows up on the island, and guess what he finds? He has 13 younger sisters! Actually, one is a fake, so it is really 12.

Now I will have to do what I swore I would never do on this site. I will have to resort to math. The oldest of the younger sisters is 14, while the youngest is about 5. None are twins. That means in a period of nine years, dear old Mom gave birth to 12 girls. Mathematically this is possible, but only if Mom got pregnant the day after giving birth. It is possible, though I think it would kill most women. Come to think of it, we donít see Mom in this anime.

Another possibility is that dear old Dad has been spreading his seed around. Did I tell you yet this is a family anime? It is. They must have some funny families in Japan.

Sister Princess is basically another "dumb, but fun anime." But I had no fun watching it. I got through episode 8, and had yet to find anything of interest. Each episode was its own individual story, and all stories were pretty dull. They do try to be cute and throw in a bit of pathos, but it doesnít work.

The animation is the bare minimal. In the English dub, they try to push a bit too far. One of the sisters always dresses in a kimono, but always speaks with a German accent. Cute? No. Funny? No. I watched three episodes in the original Japanese, so the so-called joke is only in the English version.

Stopping at eight episodes may be more than many views will be able to take. I barely made it out alive myself. So if you get the chance to watch Sister Princess, run.