A young woman is inspired to become a manga artist. That is the premise of Dojin Work. It has all the makings of an inspiring story of ambition, challenge, and growth. Nope. None of that here. This is what I have been calling Dumb, but Fun.

Najimi is inspired by the thought that she can make a lot of money drawing manga. Not just any manga, but erotic manga. Never mind that her talent is . . ; well, limited. But thatís all part of the plot. Itís all an excuse to get characters to act as dumb as possible and get into dumb situations, with intentionally slightly less than adequate animation.

Najimi looks and acts like a teenager, though she is obviously older. Compare that to her childhood friend, a more successful manga artist named Justice. He looks like heís in his 40ís, although he obviously has to be much younger to be a childhood friend of Najimi. Then there is that adolescent Sora who always hangs around Justice. That is a bit creepy. Add a few other off-beat characters, and you should have an amusing time watching.

Well, I was not that amused. The humor did not work all that well. There was just barely enough for me to keep watching, but most jokes and comic situations fell flat. Like Najimiís artwork, Dojin Work fails. Dumb, but not so fun.