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Thread: international marriage

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    Lightbulb international marriage

    hello everyone!
    I joined this pop culture forum not only because I was banned from other seemingly more appropriate twenty, but because I'm convincing myself that pop culture is valid too.
    I'm a 30 year old man from southern Europe but I don't like where I live; surfing the internet I found many more or less stereotypical Ukrainian women's wedding announcements, but what's strange is that those words seem to be mine...but I am not fake!
    In fact I suffer a lot from loneliness, I despise women of the neighborhood that don't give me affective stability, I don't have a job with welfare, and I decided to change country making me maintain! I have no certainties in life!
    For me, changing province or continent is the same thing: I have to leave my neighborhood and parish, everything changes!
    at first i wanted to emigrate to saudi Arabia, but i read on a notorious free online american encyclopedia that the sultan has made two laws about marriage: no foreign husbands except for exceptions allowed by him, and an absolute ban on cult disparity.
    so I remembered my affection for the virtuous Japanese woman who always looked childish, who recently transformed herself by dedicating herself to stressful work but remained shy, a little moralistic. STOP FEMINISM! I searched on Japanese blogs written in my language, so she seems and even a little cold.
    But will I ever be up to her? I am not intelligent, nor do I have any particular moral merit, nor do I know her language and culture... how can she ever bow and call me master which means husband? after the consecration in the temple of the gods?

    in my neighborhood we don't talk about Japan, only young people talk about manga/anime/video-games but they don't have a great esteem for the empire; adults think the beloved Asians are perverts I don't know why [but maybe they think they would like to loosen the grip of the traditional Christian culture on the youngest generations of society (I would rather say: neighborhood)?]
    but these things are bad?
    but since I used to watch them on a notorious commercial television twenty years ago they have changed a lot, when I watch clips on an american internet video distribution portal (COPYRIGHT RIP!) there are only female characters with a conduct now absurd now immoral. I think it is that portal that selects the scabrous things.

    maybe in Japan other manga/anime/videogames have more space and there could be a character like me, caricatured as the people in the neighborhood.

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    Default Re: international marriage

    Sounds like quite a trip! There are many opinions in the wide world, and I believe all of them are valid, even if some are not compatible between them. Either way, welcome to the forums! I have been quite inactive for a while but thought I should say hello to those arriving around!

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