Hereís a nice romantic adventure story for a change. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is not exactly a classic, and really is not a story which stands out. It is just simply entertaining.

Syaoran is a childhood friend of Princess Sakura, but now that they are older. . . . Well, they donít want to be just friends anymore. But before they can confess their love, Sakuraís memories are stolen from her, turned into feathers, and spread amongst the various dimensions. Donít you just hate when that happens?

So now Syaoran and Sakura must travel the interdimensional trail to retrieve those feathers. Only the price is that Syaoran must forever give up on Sakuraís love. Easy enough to do since Sakura doesnít remember what Syaoran is to her. But at least they have help. They are joined by a magician named Fai, and a warrior with an attitude named Kurogami. There is also. . . . Well, itís a rabbit-like thing which can help our heroes cross the dimensional thing. Heís kind of annoying, so letís not talk of him again.

There are 52 episodes to the entire series, which is bad because we do not get an ending. It is also good, because the series ends before it gets too repetitive. Apparently, the remaining stories of the manga were a bit too violent and adult for NHK?

But as the episodes we do have stand, there is no nudity, sex, or profanity. The violence is bloodless. So it is suitable for pre-teens, and younger kids wonít see anything their parents might object to. So we have entertaining and safe.