I watched the first part of the second season of B: The Beginning just before I left town for my little family reunion. I wasn't going to do a write-up because Netflix Streaming only has the first six episodes of season 2. But they were good episodes, and I just could not let them pass without comment.

Koku, aka Killer B, is happily living his life quietly repairing and making violins. But his friend, master detective Keith Flick is missing, and it is up to Koku and his friend Lily, the cutest cop you would ever hope to get a good frisking from, to find Flick. Actually, it is all a plot to force Koku to join some old friends in a plot against the monarchy -- maybe. Things do get a bit confusing at first since the opening chapter is not in chronological order. But things do clear up. And just wait for the plot twists!

You don't have to have watched season one to follow season two, but it helps. Fortunately, Netflix Streaming still has season one. I am looking forward to the rest of season two of B: The Beginning.